2016 – New Look, Site Cleanup, More Music, Thank you!

Hello dear friends, followers, supporters and visitors to my website. I have let this site slip into a bit of a stagnant mess over the past couple years. I am now in the process of revamping, updating and trying to make it better visually and functionally.

I plan to make occasional blog posts, with the primary focus on my private event business (Wedding DJ, Event Coordinator, Catering Rental), Event Services (Sound, Lighting, Video, A/V rental) And my music production (Yes, I still have an album in the works).

Event updates will be posted on the Electric Vardo Website approximately monthly. E-mailers will resume to approximately monthly as well to include all public activities by me, Electric Vardo and Underground Nomads. Underground Nomads updates are posted weekly at undergroundnomads.com.

First and foremost, I want to thank you for your support over the years. I never imagined that I would actually be able to live my dreams and call it my career. It is not the easiest thing to do from a financial perspective, but it is truly rewarding. Life is a fun balancing act :).



I just came across this Article from 10 years ago that Teed Rockwell wrote for India Currents, during my early days as a DJ and event producer. It got me reminiscing and thinking about all that has happened in my life since then. It has been truly amazing. I’m in a relationship And creative partnership with an amazing human being. My friends are my colleagues. I went from playing music to making music. I have had opportunities to collaborate with some amazing artists.

This has all been possible due to the tremendous support of my fans (it feels weird to say fans. “I have fans, Yay!”), friends, family and partner.

I am looking forward to participating in some great upcoming events this year and sharing music with you.

I will be posting the upcoming Event Calendar at electricwardo.com. Check there or sign up for my e-mail list to keep updated with events that I am involved in or recommend.

On this site, the right column will feature links to my facebook page, twitter feed, soundcloud music page and more.

Happy New Year. It’s looking great already.
Much love and grattitude – Amar . Solunamar

Team Electric Vardo Amar & Calamity Sam

Team Electric Vardo
Amar & Calamity Sam


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