Europe Remixed 2011 Tour

Calamity Sam and DJ Amar are embarking on what we might call the Surprise 2nd leg of their 2011 European tour, thanks to Nuria Gallego for inviting us to VLC Tribal Fest, to Tjarda and Renate of the Uzume for inviting us back to Beyond Bellydance, and to Hilde Cannoodt for hosting us in Brighton, England.

We start in Valencia, Spain for VLC Tribal Fest 2 on halloween weekend.

After a few days vacationing in Southern Spain, we head to London en route to Brighton, where Amar and Sam will both teach workshops and partake in a show hosted by Hilde and featuring Top Shelf Jazz.

We close the trip in Utrecht, Den Haag (the Hague) and Amsterdam for a return to Beyond Bellydance IV.

Calamity Sam will be Teaching 2 workshops and performing at VLC Tribal Fest (Oct 28-Nov 1), in Brighton (Nov 11-12) and at Beyond Bellydance (Nov 16-20).

Amar will be DJing at VLC Tribal Fest on Halloween with performances by Olivia Kissel and Calamity Sam. He will be teaching his Mastering Your Mix workshop and DJing in Brighton and at Beyond Bellydance.

VLC Tribal Fest
Oct 28-Nov 1

Nov 11-12

Top Shelf Jazz and DJ Amar – Nov 11

Calamity Sam and DJ Amar workshops – Nov 12

Beyond Bellydance IV
Nov 16-20

Visit Amar and Sam’s facebook pages for updates on workshops and shows.

Calamity Sam

DJ Amar


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