*What People Are Saying*

“Amar knows music and dancers.  He has been on the scene for years, always bringing to it so much passion.  Every time he chooses a song, he seems to know exactly what that moment needs.  DJ Amar’s dance floors are never empty!  I enjoy working with him because I trust him to put on a great show.  He is a patient and caring artist, teacher and friend.  I have called him on more than one occasion with a “musical emergency”, and I can always count on his experience to guide the situation.  Because of Amar I have so much more awareness of my music, and how to make it sound better.”

Heather Shoopman  Los Angeles, CA

“When I think about integrity within the dance community and just the individuals who really CARE about elevating it to the next level, I cannot help but think of DJ Amar.  What a fine example of talent and ability, but in place of the ego is the desire to give back, to teach, to inspire, to…again, elevate.  Amar is the very definition of humility bending over backwards to help others and educate them, helping performers take their music mixing skills to the next level.  I believe that he is inspired to do this because he recognizes that the more inspired a performer is by the music that they are performing to, the more inspired the performance will be.  All of this pays it forward with the end goal being that the whole community is elevated to the next level of skill and performance integrity.  Apart from that you couldn’t ask for a more patient, gentle and supportive instructor.  Amar also happens to cut a mean DJ set as well and is one of the most talented and innovative DJ’s out there today.  We all know those people who are just so dern uber-talented and just don’t get enough credit for all that they do and Amar most definitely fits that bill.”

-Sherri (aka CherChez La Femme)
“Amar the maestro…..I’ve had the pleasure of dancing to his beautiful, strong and heavy mixes several times! I love working with him and always look forward to him coming to town and throwing down some sweet grooves. ”

Olu (Los Angeles, CA)


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